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Reiki: The Art of Healing

Reiki is a spiritual healing art that aids in stress reduction and deeper relaxation. Reiki flows in positive energy into the Chakra systems to help bring balance and harmony to you mind, body and soul. Please call 630-694-5903 for reservations.

Cristina Beltrame

Cristina discovered Reiki after taking a class with a friend. After experiencing the amazing vibrant peaceful feeling she was hooked to learn more. In 2005 she became a Reiki practitioner, Level 3. She is thankful for how energy work has transformed her life, bringing inner peace and harmony. She is eager to help improve the lives around her and assist in the journey to better health and well-being.

Reiki master at Illinois spa resort near Chicago.
Reiki master at Illinois spa resort outside Chicago.

Renata Gnatek

When I started my journey as a massage therapist it was clear to me   that our energy and the energy surrounding us has a big impact on our health and life. I always felt that there is more to us as a human being that just us as a physical body. I was anxious and craved to learn more. Meeting a wonderful Reiki Master   who guided me through each step and the levels was a great experience. Becoming a Reiki practitioner in 2005 completed me as a massage therapist and helped me become better in what I do. For me, Reiki is a gentle, invisible and light flow of peaceful and calming energy. This amazing technique improves our well-being creating   beneficial effects. It helps our body stay in balance and harmony. It also helps our mind and spirit to stay clear. I believe that working with the energy in and around the body will make   it possible to create positive physical, emotional, and spiritual changes within us. Our body regains strength with a power of beautiful and amazing energy. Reiki is my passion, it is what I needed for me as a person and me as a therapist.

Sal Reggio

My first foray into Reiki came when I was giving a massage to a woman who was a Reiki Master. She asked me how long I had been practicing Reiki. I was astonished. I had never experienced Reiki nor taken a class. She told me my flow was so intuitive that she assumed I also practiced Reiki. This began my interest in Reiki and finding out everything it entailed. The art of Reiki is based on energy. There is very little touching, unlike massage. The Reiki practitioner can place his/her hands inches over the clients body and feel the energy, or the client feels the energy. Reiki can take people on an amazing journey. For some, they fall into a dreamlike state that can take them to a place, from their past, they haven't thought about in years. People have been known to see friends or family that are deceased. Some therapists will encounter another person in the room, during a session, that could have a relationship with the client. Since becoming a Reiki Master I have seen different levels of effects it has on my clients. Some come to me not sure what to expect or never having heard of Reiki. They leave in a relaxed state. There is something to be said about the power and energy of Reiki. I am very happy I was pointed in this direction, quite by accident.

Reiki master at Illinois spa resort in Chicago suburbs.