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Winter Seasonal Spa Treatments

Combat the cold and dry Winter air with our carefully crafted seasonal spa services, designed to hydrate skin and warm the soul.

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{ Neroli Blossom Body Scrub }

60-Minute Body Treatment Experience  |  $110  ($125 Value)

Energize your skin and soul with this mood-boosting body scrub treatment, designed to stimulate circulation and hydrate, while improving your skin's texture and tone.

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THE TREATMENT: Awaken the senses with an energizing thermal salt scrub, designed to remove dull surface skin cells and promote new skin growth. Rich in minerals, trace elements, and mood-boosting neroli orange blossom oil, this scrub also helps stimulate circulation and flush out toxins.

Afterwards, relax as a rich and moisturizing lotion is gently applied to your skin. 

End this blissful escape with soft, hydrated skin and leave feeling balanced - in body, mind and spirit.


{ Hot Stone Reflexology Massage }

90-Minute Massage Experience  |  $195  ($240 Value)

Warm up and feel stress melt away with a 60-minute hot stone massage, followed by 30 minutes of reflexology to re-awaken your cold and tired feet. 

hot stone massage

THE TREATMENT: Brrrr, it's cold out there! Warm up and melt into the table with a 60-minute hot stone massage. This hypnotic treatment features warm spa rocks that penetrate deep into sore, tired muscles to relax the tissues and relieve muscle pain.

Afterwards, finish your treatment with 30-minutes of reflexology work applied to your feet. Reflexology utilizes the potent energy zones located on the hands and feet (known as reflex points) that are connected to a full body network that speaks to organ systems and muscle groups. Deeply soothing pressure-point massage techniques applied to these zones promote overall relaxation and well-being by releasing tension, increasing blood flow and bringing harmony to the whole body. 


{ Sweet Lavender Dreams Pedicure }

60-Minute Pedicure Experience  |  $75  ($80 Value)

Pamper your feet with this relaxing, dreamy pedicure service featuring a specially-formulated lavender mud mask to renew worn winter soles.

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THE TREATMENTTo begin, feet are immersed in our warm whirlpool foot-bath for a soothing soak. After you've reached the pinnacle of relaxation, feet are buffed to gleaming perfection with a specially formulated Marine Botanical Scrub.

Then breath deep as a warm Lavender Mud Mask with Aloe Vera and Vitamen E is applied to feet to hydrate and renew tired winter skin. 

Service is concluded with extended toenail and cuticle care, and a flawless polish application or buffed-to-shine look. You'll leave feeling like you're walking on cloud nine!

*Please note, seasonal treatments may not be altered. Gratuity is not included in listed pricing. Winter seasonal treatments are available to book starting January 1st through March 31st, 2019.