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Spring Seasonal Spa Treatments

Celebrate the arrival of Spring with these lovingly crafted plant-inspired spa treatments. Our new seasonal services are infused with the scents of Neroli Blossom and Raw Honey, which will uplift your spirit and revitalize the soul.
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{ Neroli Blossom Body Scrub & Wrap }

90-Minute Body Treatment Experience  |  $185

Energize your skin and soul with this mood-boosting body scrub & wrap treatment, designed to stimulate circulation and hydrate, while improving your skin's texture and tone.

neroli orange blossom flower

THE TREATMENT: Awaken the senses with an energizing thermal salt scrub, designed to remove dull surface skin cells and promote new skin growth. Rich in minerals, trace elements, and mood-boosting neroli orange blossom oil, this scrub also helps stimulate circulation and flush out toxins.

Afterwards, relax as a rich and moisturizing lotion is gently applied to your skin, then cozy up and unwind in a full body wrap. 

End this blissful escape with soft, hydrated skin and leave feeling balanced - in body, mind and spirit.


{ HydroPeptide Deluxe Detox Facial }

60-Minute Facial Experience  |  $150

Extract impurities and strengthen your skin's envitonmental defenses with a Honey Tri-Zyme Peel and a Nordic Detox Mask, designed to clear away build up, repair and replenish your skin. 

HydroPeptide Facial

THE TREATMENT: First, skin is exfoliated with a Honey Tri-Zyme Peel which is formulated with a specialized blend of mushroom, pumpkin, protease enzymes, raw honey and natural alpha hydroxy acids to perfectly resurface, hydrate and smooth skin. 

Next, the phytonutrient-dense Nordic Detox Mask, fortified with bentonite and kaolin clays, is applied to soothe and detoxify skin from dirt and pollution while infusing it with plumping hydration. A cocktail of potent antioxidants encourage healthy cell turnover and provide powerful protection from free radicals. Skin is left looking and feeling smoother and firmer. 


{ Neroli Blossom Pedicure }

60-Minute Pedicure Experience  |  $75

Pamper your feet with this stimulating pedicure service featuring a specially-formulated neroli blossom foot scrub, perfect for renewing worn winter soles.

neroli blossom foot soak

THE TREATMENTTo begin, feet are immersed in our warm whirlpool foot-bath for a soothing soak. After you've reached the pinnacle of relaxation, feet are buffed to gleaming perfection with a specially formulated Neroli Blossom Sea Salt Scrub.

Then, breath deep as a warm mineral lotion with Neroli Blossom essential oil is applied to feet to hydrate and renew tired winter skin. Sit back and unwind as hands are placed in warm mitts with a Neroli Blossom-infused moisturizing spray, to rejuvenate and soften the skin on your hands.

Service is concluded with extended toenail and cuticle care, and a flawless polish application or buffed-to-shine look. You'll leave with energized soles!

*Please note, seasonal treatments may not be altered. Gratuity is not included in listed pricing. Spring seasonal treatments are available to book starting March 20th through June 21st, 2019.