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Take a journey towards living a healthier lifestyle and treat your mind, body, and spirit to a rejuvenating experience at The Spa at Eaglewood. Experience a variety of spa services, specializing in massage, body treatments, facials, manicures, and pedicures, all targeting your mental and physical well-being. Our treatments, combined with a tranquil spa experience, release tension and soothe your stress away. Ages 18+ welcome.

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As a Spa guest, you’ll be treated to premium amenities including robe, slippers, private locker, shower, and towels. Arrive early for your spa treatments and linger afterward while you enjoy and relax in the tranquility room , with light snacks, tea varieties, and refreshing infused water. We also offer Spa guests the conveniences of a fully equipped fitness center, 25-meter naturally lit indoor pool, steam room, wood sauna, and spacious indoor jetted hot tub, making it perfect for the ultimate wellness weekend getaway.


  • Mon – Sat | 10 AM – 7 PM
  • Sunday | 9 AM – 3 PM


  • Mon – Thu | 6 AM – 7 PM
  • Friday | 6 AM – 9 PM 
  • Saturday | 9AM - 9 PM
  • Sunday | 9 AM – 7 PM

Spa Menu

All prices include gratuity

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Traditional Massage Therapy ◻ 60 minutes | $175 ◼ 90 minutes | $250

Swedish ◻◼
Gentle connective massage strokes soothe an overstressed nervous system for a truly relaxing experience. This massage restores balance and brings an uplifting feeling and harmony to the overall body and mind.

Mommy-to-Be Prenatal
A prenatal massage specially crafted to relax and relieve the muscle tension associated with this exciting and expecting phase.

Potent energy zones located on the hands and feet (known as reflex points) connect a full body network that speaks to organ systems and muscle groups. Deeply soothing pressure-point massage techniques applied to these zones promote overall relaxation and well-being. Release tension, increase blood flow and bring harmony to the whole body with this treatment.

Reiki ◻ w/massage ◼

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Traditional Body Treatments ◻ 60 minutes | $175 ◼ 90 minutes | $250

Lavender Wrap & Scrub
Lavender Wrap (or scrub) ◻ w/massage ◼
Lemongrass & Green Tea Wrap & Scrub
Lemongrass & Green Tea Wrap (or scrub) ◻ w/massage ◼

A tranquil experience to soothe, revitalize, and moisturize the body.

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Traditional Facials ◻ 60 minutes | $175 ◼ 90 minutes | $250

Essential Custom Facial ◻
Clarifying Deep Cleansing Facial ◻
Got Your Back Facial ◻

Gentleman’s Facial ◻

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Signature Massage Therapy ◻ 60 minutes | $200 ◼ 90 minutes | $275

Eaglewood Indulgence ◼
Whether your body craves relaxation, stress-and-tension alleviation or the soothing of tired, achy muscles, our expertly trained massage therapists will customize the ideal massage for you using a combination of aromatherapy, hot stone, reflexology and therapeutic massage techniques.

Alpine Arnica Deep Tissue ◻◼
This intensive, deep tissue treatment using the best of nature’s pharmacy: arnica, basil and rosemary, releases muscle tension, restores mobility, vitality, and body comfort. Deeper manipulation of the body’s soft tissue to stimulate circulation and promote relaxation. This is the perfect retreat for post work-out body stress.

Himalayan Salt Massage
Warm salt crystal stones soothe away stress and tension and promote an increased sense of well-being. The minerals provide a gentle exfoliation on the skin, making the skin feel smooth and soft after your massage session. Its grounding properties help to improve sleep and balance the central nervous system.

Oooh Bamboo Massage
This invigorating massage will help melt away stress and tension throughout the body. The use of warm bamboo sticks works deeper into the muscles for improved circulation and deep relaxation.

Hot Stone ◻◼
Experience the healing art that uses warm basalt stones to relax the muscles and transcend into a deep, restorative rest. The warmth of the earthly stones intensifies healing, deep relaxation and a balance of mind, body and spirit.

Chill & Relax Therapeutic Massage ◻◼
This goes one step beyond the standard therapeutic massage. CBD is known for its sedative and antispasmodic properties—soothing anxiety and nervous tension, melting stress and reducing chronic muscle pain. Ginger is an ancient anti-inflammatory and antioxidant that helps your body repair, leaving you ready for your next adventure.

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Signature Facials ◻ 60 minutes | $200 ◼ 90 minutes | $275

Intense Refresh Facial ◻◼
This results-oriented treatment utilizes a combination of acids customized to address specific skin conditions including: hyper pigmentation, congested skin, fine lines, and premature aging.

Firming Vibrant-C Facial ◻◼
This potent, patented vitamin C facial treatment is perfect for those looking to bring back a youthful firmness and glow. A vitamin C enzyme peel combined with a unique and pure vitamin C delivery system. You will leave relaxed, radiant and on your way to firmer skin.

Deluxe Detox Facial ◻◼
A rejuvenating treatment to draw out impurities from the skin. Utilizing a gentle and effective peel with three enzymes and raw honey, followed by a nourishing detox mask with kaolin and bentonite clay. Your skin will feel refreshed, revitalized and renewed.

The Mallow Soothing Facial ◻◼
Designed to help calm inflammation, alleviate redness, and repair the skin’s barrier function, this healing and restorative facial provides immediate relief for sensitive skin using hydrating marshmallow (althea officinalis) extract, reparative Mediterranean microalgae, nourishing probiotics, and moisture-locking ceramides.

Moisture Miracle Facial ◻◼
When skin is dry and stressed, it needs a restorative moisture miracle. This ultra-creamy, luxe facial infuses deep restorative hydration, leaving skin feeling soft, nourished and renewed while minimizing fine lines and wrinkles.

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Signature Body Treatments ◻ 60 minutes | $200 ◼ 90 minutes | $275

Nourishing Wrap & Massage ◼
A cozy hot wrap aids in drawing out impurities, followed by a warm oil application to seal in moisture. Formulated with Amazonian white clay, rice peptides, and dried plum powder to tighten, brighten, and moisturize the skin’s appearance followed with a relaxing massage to leave you feeling nourished.

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Queen for a Day 5.5 hours | $750


  • 90min Swedish Massage w/ aromatherapy
  • 60min The Mallow Soothing Facial
  • 60min Lavender Scrub w/ wrap
  • 60min Royal Manicure
  • 60min Royal Pedicure
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Royal Spa 4 hours | $550


  • 60min Swedish Massage w/ aromatherapy
  • 60min Signature Facial (your choice)
  • 60min Royal Manicure w/ paraffin treatment
  • 60min Royal Pedicure w/ paraffin treatment
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Couple's Escape 1.5 hours | $600 for two


  • Alpine Arnica or CBD Oil Deep Tissue Massage w/ aromatherapy (90min)
  • Nourishing Scalp Massage
  • Paraffin Foot Treatment
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Hands & Feet

Classic Manicure – 45min, $50
Classic Pedicure – 45min, $85
Royal Spa Manicure – 60min, $65
Royal Spa Pedicure – 60min, $100
CBD/Arnica Manicure – 60min, $65
CBD/Arnica Pedicure – 60min, $100
No-Chip Manicure – 60min, $80
No-Chip Pedicure – 60min, $100
Gentlemen’s Manicure – 30min, $50
Gentlemen’s Pedicure – 45min, $85

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French Polish – $15
No-Chip Removal – $15


Eye Mask – $20
Lip Mask – $20
Lip & Eye Mask – $30


Nourishing Scalp Treatment – $30
CBD Oil – $25
Aromatherapy – $15


Paraffin Treatment Hands – $25
Paraffin Treatment Feet – $25

Spa Etiquette & Policies

Guests are encouraged to call ahead to make a reservation. It is recommended hotel guests make their spa appointments at the time their hotel reservations are made to ensure preferred service times. A credit card is required to make all spa reservations. 

Spa Arrival 
Please arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled reservation to check in and change into spa attire. If you are running late, call us. Your arrival time will determine the length of your treatment, which will end as scheduled, so the next guest may begin promptly.

Turn off all cell phones and pagers before entering The Spa. Lockers are provided, but guests are asked to leave valuables at home and will be solely responsible for any loss or damage to personal possessions. 

Gratuity is included for our guests' convenience at time of checkout. Menu prices do reflect gratuity. 

Cancellation, Changed, and Reschedule Policy 
Reservations must be canceled, changed, or rescheduled at least 24 hours prior to the appointment time. Failure to do so will result in 100% of the service plus gratuity charged to the credit card on file. Once an appointment has been rescheduled, no further changes or cancellations are allowed without incurring a charge of 100% of the service plus gratuity. If an appointment is scheduled for the same day, the 24-hour cancellation policy still applies. For all groups (five or more) and bridal parties, you must cancel, change, or reschedule all appointments two weeks prior to the scheduled day.   

Health Issues
Notify our staff when booking your treatments if you are pregnant, have allergies, diabetes, high blood pressure, low blood pressure, any medications, or have any other physical ailments or disabilities. This will prepare our staff in advance to provide the best possible treatment or therapy for you.