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Family Vacations in Illinois

Four Reasons Chicagoland Is the Only Destination for your next family trip.

If you’re not from Chicago, you’ve likely never heard of Chicagoland. Even if you are from Chicagoland, you might hear “Itasca” and think no man’s land. That couldn’t be further from the truth. 

Chicagoland refers to Chicago’s wider metropolitan area. Because Chicago as a city reaches far and wide, Chicagoland isn’t restricted to Illinois. But that doesn’t mean you have to leave Illinois to find true family fun.

Situated just 30 miles northwest of Chicago, Itasca is a small town escape in what is otherwise a bustling metropolitan area. The town has lush green grass and vibrant trees in spades, which only enhance it’s small-town charm. Escape from the bustle of the big city with the family in tow to the only Illinois vacation destination you’ll ever need: Itasca. 

historic downtown Itasca

It Has a Historic Downtown

Immerse your family in the charm of Itasca’s historic downtown district. Itasca will be celebrating its 129th anniversary this year. This rich history permeates the present day in the form of all the best small-town clichés. 

Mature trees and old light posts line the streets, as do homes built as early as the 1920’s. There’s a historical committee to maintain the village’s unique pre-1900’s character.  There’s a scenic park district that operates a serene nature center and a historic depot. 

Stroll around the historic business district clustered around Walnut Street to experience the best of the village. See gazebos, 13 old churches in diverse architectural styles, and the distinguished Itasca Country Club, built in 1925.

There Are Endless Activities

While in Itasca, you’ll never struggle to keep your family entertained. Family friendly attractions abound here, making this a family vacation go-to for the Chicago area. Golf, bocce ball and bags, and indoor swimming are only a few of the recreational activities Itasca has to offer.

Eaglewood Resort alone offers a full roster of attractions to rival even Chicago itself. A grand outdoor fire pit is the perfect place to cuddle up after a day of adventures. Get competitive with cosmic bowling in their six-lane alley. Splash around in the indoor pool.

Each of these fun-filled activities at Eaglewood and beyond are designed to bring your family closer. When you leave behind the chaos of Chicago, you embrace quality time spent together. That’s what will make your family vacation truly memorable. 

Eaglewood fire pit
family on a roller coaster

It's Kid Friendly

Itasca may be filled with small-town charm, but that doesn’t mean it’s living in the past. The village actually embraces big-time attractions, like an adventure park and a discovery center.

The Urban Air Adventure Park has all the bells and whistles of a kid-friendly attraction. A ropes course, climbing walls, trampolines and more all come together to facilitate an adrenaline-inducing day with the family. The 30-acre Legoland Discovery Center is also just 10 minutes from Itasca. Hop aboard two rides, experiment in 10 LEGO build and play zones, or be transported in their 4D cinema.

It’s a Getaway That’s All About You

Vacation in a big city, and all your time is spent conquering that city. With so much to see and do, you may never feel like you’ve seen it all. Sometimes the key to a remarkable family getaway is keeping things simple. Itasca walks that walk.

Itasca and Eaglewood Resort are all about time spent together. Activities are meant to encourage closeness, not distract from it. Families looking to reconnect will want to vacation somewhere that’s stimulating yet peaceful. 

When you look back on a getaway in Itasca, you’ll remember more than just the landmarks. You’ll remember precious moments with the ones you love. 

mom, dad, and daughter hugging

As your kids grow older, your family vacations will be fewer and farther between. Make the most of them while you have them. Plan a getaway that includes attractions both exciting and unique to place so that you can return to them year after year. 

A family escape is just a memory in the making. With family vacations in Illinois, you’ll find that the kids have just as much fun as the parents. And that’s the kind of getaway that’s also a gift to the adults your children will become. Plan one they’ll remember fondly.