Wellness ProtocolsStay Well with Eaglewood Resort

The safety and wellness of our guests and team members has long been a hallmark at Eaglewood Resort. We have implemented elevated standards of cleanliness throughout the resort to better serve our stakeholders. With the assistance of our vendors based on the directives of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, we have developed the Eaglewood Stay Well, program designed to ensure a worry-free visit in a safe, clean, and comfortable environment.

Rest Well

Working with trusted vendor specialists, we have developed sanitation and hygiene practices using new chemicals, procedures, and equipment to ensure the highest level of cleanliness in all areas of the resort.

  • 8-Point High-Touch Cleaning: A checklist of frequently touched areas in each guest room will be maintained in order to ensure they receive proper disinfection.
  • Guest Room Sanitation: Hospital grade, EPA-approved sanitation chemicals will be used in guest rooms prior to guest arrival.
  • New Amenities: Our current guest room amenities will be replaced with items such as disposable glassware.
  • Stayover Service: To further practice social distancing and to protect both our guests and our associates, in-stay housekeeping is temporarily suspended for stays of more than one night. Towel and amenity replacement will be available upon request.
  • Room Seal: Once our housekeeping inspector verifies the room meets our elevated standards, a Room Seal is placed on your door. Upon your arrival, you will have complete confidence the room is clean, sanitized, and ready for your stay.
  • Public Area Cleanliness: Peroxide Multi-Surface Cleaner and Disinfectant will be used on all high-touch surfaces in our public areas. This new cleaner is EPA-approved for use against SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19.

Clean Well

  • Switches and Electronic Controls: lights, lamps, switches, and climate control panels
  • De-clutter Paper Amenities: remove pen, paper, magazines, and transition property-specific collateral to the hotel information channel on the television
  • Handles and Knobs: doors, closets, drawers, furniture knobs, and drapery wands
  • Bathroom and Bath Amenities: toilet handles/seats, splash walls, shower/tub controls, sink faucets, tissue boxes, soap dishes, amenity trays, and hair dryer
  • Telephones, Remote Controls, and Clocks: handsets, dial pads, and buttons
  • Bed and Bedding: all bed linens including duvet covers, pillowcases, and sheets
  • Hard Surfaces: tables, desk, and nightstands
  • Closet and Dresser Goods: iron, safe handle, and keypad
  • In-Room Amenities: ice bucket, mini-fridge 

Meet Well

Eaglewood is experienced in the art of successful meetings, conferences, and events and has implemented practical new steps to meet the needs of planners. Planners can have peace of mind knowing the wellness, well-being, and productivity of their attendees is our primary concern.

  • All shared equipment and meeting amenities will be disinfected before and after each use, or be single use if not able to be disinfected
  • All linen will be replaced after each use
  • All food and beverage items will be individually plated and served
  • Coffee and other break items will be attended and served by a server
  • Flatware will be provided as a roll-up
  • Condiments will be served in individual, disinfected containers
  • Seating capacities and floor plans will be reviewed on an event-by-event basis to ensure appropriate physical distancing
  • Individual bottled water will be provided in lieu of water carafes on meeting tables and water stations
  • Refills will be provided in a fresh glass or poured directly from a pitcher; no contact will be made with a glass that a guest has already used
  • Modified menus will be created to showcase styles of service and items currently available

Execute Well

Eaglewood Resort has implemented an array of new and modified services for guests and team members to both stay and work well. Contactless procedures and social distancing highlight the current norm. 

  • Contactless Check-In: New protocols will be implemented regarding registration cards, credit cards, and driver’s license viewing
  • Room Arrival Experience: A personalized note will be left in your guest room by one of our housekeepers introducing themselves to you and letting you know the extra care they took to clean and disinfect your room. After cleaning process is completed your room will be sealed with a clean seal to ensure you are first to enter
  • Hand Sanitizers: Touchless hand sanitizer stations will be located at high-traffic locations in the resort including elevators, spa, meeting rooms, and the front desk
  • Innovative Disinfection Technologies: electrostatic sprayers use an electrostatically charged disinfecting mist to sanitize surfaces and objects
  • Clean and Clean Some More: Increased frequency of cleaning public areas 

Work Well

At Eaglewood Resort, our team members have always taken great pride and care in elevating the experience. New standards of practicing social distancing and engaging in contactless delivery of service are now a part of our ongoing training and awareness for all team members as your wellness is our number one goal.

  • PPE: Protective Personal Equipment is available to all team members to protect both them and others
  • Social Distancing: Minimized contact with other associates while in work areas and staying six feet apart is always encouraged
  • Daily Health and Wellness Questionnaire: Before clocking in for their daily shift, each team member will be required to complete a health and wellness questionnaire
  • Safer at Home: If a team member is not feeling well, or is showing any symptoms, or if they have a family member sick at home, they are asked to stay home from work
  • Sharing Safety: If a guest needs sanitizer or wipes, our team members will be happy to provide them

Dine Well

Our food and beverage operations have pivoted to new standards of delivery to ensure the safety of our guests and team members. Our expectations for wellness and sanitation will be elevated with enhanced and visible procedures and excellent communications to earn your loyalty.

  • Grooming, Uniforms, and PPE: Team members will wear and use appropriate personal protective equipment according to the latest CDC policies and procedures. Items such as masks, gloves, and hats will be worn at all times when handling and serving food
  • General Safety and Sanitation: All team members will be trained annually in food safety practices rather than every three to five years. ServSafe certificates are required for all food and beverage team members, including leaders
  • Reduced-Contact Service: Giving our guests personalized, memorable service is always a priority. Though our delivery of that service will alter, the standards will not diminish. Innovative contact-free means of serving will be implemented in all outlets and new dining experiences will be available to put guests’ minds at ease
  • Culinary Operations: We will place one person in charge of all culinary wellness and sanitation standards and procedures. Their focus will be on training, maintaining best practices, and policy enforcement.

Be Well

Guests are seeking ways to improve their health and well-being, and the use of exercise equipment and personal training services is necessary to meet those needs. To ensure consistency in maintaining the wellness of our guests and team members, we have implemented best practices so each visitor can relax, unwind, and find inner peace at the Spa and Fitness Center.

  • Sanitation Front and Center: Guests not only see that a Spa and Fitness Center is clean, but it is a priority to show them and educate them on the many ways we take sanitation seriously
  • Signage Program: Time and dated display signs in key areas including bathrooms, lockers, stations, treatment rooms, etc., to show areas that have been recently cleaned and disinfected
  • Surface Checklist: Cleaning checklist for all workstations, treatment areas, countertops, massage and facial tables, chairs, warming equipment, reception and common areas, skincare equipment, fitness machines, et al. to be completed after every use
  • Team Member Health and Hygiene: Safer at Home program strictly enforced. Communicate and review that PPE is standard and provided by the resort
  • Fitness and Activities: Physical distancing for equipment layout and activities. Physical barriers between treatment stations and fitness equipment
  • No More Than…: Limiting the number of guests in areas of the Spa and Fitness Center, including hot tubs, saunas, steam rooms, locker areas